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How to Root Samsung Galaxy W i8150

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Rooting Galaxy WI8150
galaxy w i8150
The Samsung Galaxy W i8150 is one of the most popular Android smart phones on the market at present. It was released in 2011 and it has established itself as one of the most sought after phones in the industry.

Its design is one which is similar to an iPhone; modern, black and stylish. It has all you would expect from such a phone; an easy to use touch screen, a slot for a memory card of up to 32GB, a quality camera and much, much more.

The main feature that sets smart phones in general, and thus the Samsung Galaxy W i8150, aside from other phone, is the capabilities one can do with an internet connection. There is no doubt about it; some sort of internet connection is vital with such a phone. Nevertheless, it is important to take the time and effort to get more home phone and internet packages information before buying service to ensure that a good deal is found. There are so many things that can be done if you have the internet on this phone, such as; downloading app, checking social networking sites and sending emails.

Many people that own a Samsung Galaxy W i8150 will want to root their phone. Rooting is a term which is used in regards to Android smart phones, tablets and alike in order to define the process of programming a phone in order to overcome certain restrictions that are in place. For instance, a lot of individuals root their phone in order to give it the capacity to access certain apps that it would not have been able to do so before. To give a greater insight, rooting is the equivalent to jail breaking an Apple iPhone.

Now, let’s move onto the part that everyone came here for; how to root a Samsung Galaxy W i8150…

Step one – Be aware!

The first thing that anybody considering rooting their smart phone should do is be aware that they are breaking the violation of the guarantee policy that they would have taken out with Samsung upon purchasing the phone. Therefore, if any damage occurs to the individual’s phone in question then they themselves will be responsible for it. And, it is important to acknowledge damage can occur because of the rooting process, whilst this seems to be very unlikely – it is possible.

Step two –
 Download the relevant zip file off the internet

This next step requires an internet connection. If anybody here does not have one then it is vital to get one but an individual should make sure that they get more home phone and internet packages information before buying service so that they find a good deal. To find the desired zip file which needs to be download the individual in question should simply search ‘root Samsung Galaxy W i8150’ on a search engine, such as Google, and they will be able to find it with ease. Connect your phone to the computer and make sure that the file is copied to the phone’s SD card, do not extract the file.

Step three – Turn the phone off and press some relevant buttons

Once the file has been copied to the phone’s SD card the person in question should then completely switch their phone off. Once the phone is switched off, the person should then press the ‘volume up’  button, the ‘power’ button and the ‘home’ button at the same time. Keep these buttons pressed until an Android logo box appears.

Step four – Apply the download settings to the phone

After the Android logo has appeared the phone should then display its recovery menu.  Choose the following selection; ‘apply update from SD card’. Then find the file that was downloaded and select it.

Step five – Wait

Simply wait for the download to be complete and then the phone is good to go!

Hopefully this guide will have helped those looking to root their Samsung Galaxy W i8150!


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