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Samsung Galaxy S3 4G on Optus & Telstra – Launched In Australia

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samsung galaxy s3 4G

Samsung Galaxy S3 version compatible with 4G is already out in many countries such as USA, Britain, etc. The breaking news is that this phone is now going to be delivered to the customers of Australia, as it will be available via the different telecom service providers over there. The awesome thing that will be actually seen in this phone is the pre-installed Jelly Bean that will attract many. Mind you, Jelly Bean is the latest operating system in the android line-up of OS. Another feature is the 4G support that will actually provide faster browsing & super-fast data streaming (live streaming also) – keeping in mind the reputed telecom providers in Australia.

samsung galaxy s3 4G on optus and telstra

It is to be noted that Samsung Galaxy S3 provides seamless performance with zip, zero lag! It contains a quad-core processor which does this job for it. Among the noticeable features are the S Voice, Smart Stay, and the Direct Call. While S Voice will help you operate the phone through the voice commands (your own voice), Smart Stay will actually keep your phone displaying when you watch it & lets it sleep when you don’t. Direct Call basically senses a user’s way of texting & allows him/her to call the recipient when he/she thinks to. Apart from fast processing & revolutionary features available on the device, it contains a camera of high capability. This phone is just another iphone which can destruct the market of its competitors effortlessly!

Samsung GALAXY S III 4G On Optus

This flag-ship phone of the Korean company – Samsung – will be available on Optus, which is one of the best carriers in Australia. Optus will allow pre-order service from 17th of September, and should start delivering by 20th of the same month. There are different plans under which the phone should be available, the lowest-cost plan being dollar 1,224.0/- over 24 months. The most costly plan is dollar 2,016/- with extra package features, this also being for 24 months. All the Australian customers who use Optus know that they are going to experience a great 4G support which will give them faster internet
browsing & streaming while also being able to video chat without any problems.


Samsung GALAXY S III 4G On Telstra

Telstra, which is another reputed telecom company in Australia, is providing this smart-phone at the arte of dollar 1,920/- over the same period of 24 months. However, the package features vary greatly between the Optus & Telstra offers; it is solely dependant on the customer to choose the best suitable network. While some may be Optus buyers, and others will pick it up from Telstra, it is actually the network quality in your area which actually prompts you to choose one over the other.


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