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ICS & JellyBean update for HTC Hero (CDMA & GSM)– Late but great!

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JellyBean and ICS Update for HTC Hero CDMA and GSM Phone

Three years from their release, when it looked like the HTC Hero’s both CDMA & GSM versions were fading away into the dark, they are actually pulled back into the bright light by the developers who have developed custom ROMs based on Android 4.0 & 4.1 for them! There was a very little hope regarding their upgrade but thanks to the dedicated people out there doing so much for the old devices as well.


HTC Hero is a rather old smart-phone from HTC, which uses Android 1.5 Cupcake as the stock operating system. It has a 528 MHz ARM-11 processor, which is quite weak when compared to the latest 1.6GHz processors out there – but it was the strongest when it came three years back. The reason behind specifying the processor speed is the fact that, it now has to support Android 4.0 & Android 4.1 – Give us a feedback about how well its supporting them!

It’s worth introducing the developers who have come up with these custom ROMs. Remember that Android 4.0 based custom ROM was actually introduces in June, and the Jelly Bean update is the latest. ‘tvall’ – senior member at XDA – had come up with the CM9 based custom ROM which was based on the ICS for the CDMA version of this phone, while ‘jordfaz’ – again a senior member at XDA forum – had contributed his part by coming up with a CM9 based custom ROM for the GSM users. May be some of the features like GPS, camera, USB mass storage mounting, etc in the CM9 ROMs do not work till now, but we hope them to be fixed by the developers as soon as possible – provided more people take interest in flashing these ROMs & giving them feedback. ICS is the penultimate ROM in terms of the latest and brings many features to your phone. It has a refined UI, resizable widgets, new lock-screen action, powerful voice input engine, etc.

While CM9 ROMs are for everyone to flash, CM10 ROMs lovers will have to be either geeks/android developers or patient users who should give feedbacks & ideas to the XDA developers to fix the beta-version-kind-of errors that exist in these ROM – as CM10 ROMs based on Jelly Bean are in there early stages of release & hence erroneous in many features. The CM10 ROM for CDMA version of this has been developed by ‘Shelnutt2’, and ‘jordfaz’ again contributed for the GSM phones. Both the developers are senior members at the XDA forum. Jelly Bean has been known for its butter smooth interface, actionable notifications, advanced power menu, new & enhanced face lock, and more. Lastly, it is the latest OS from Google!

Check out the ROMs here:

  • CM9 ICS ROM for HTC Hero-CDMA, here
  • CM9 ICS ROM for HTC Hero-GSM, here
  • CM10 ICS ROM for HTC Hero-CDMA, here
  • CM10 ICS ROM for HTC Hero-GSM, here

If you try out the ROMs, just give us a feedback on what’s working & what’s not. Don’t forget to thank the developers for their hard work, Cheers!

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