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Best Custom ROMs For HTC Explorer

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‘HTC Explorer’s custom ROMs’ is the topic of the day, and this time instead of
concentrating much on the device specifications, I would rather mention to you the need for custom ROMs and their greatness. This is not limited to the HTC’s Explorer or just HTC devices but applies to all the android phones out there in the market (obviously those which are upgradeable).

htc explorer custom rom

A custom ROM basically has either an updated OS or a new OS (upgraded) for
your phone, when it is made available. Before that, what is a custom ROM? It is the combination of an OS and a customized kernel, which has many benefits associated with it. When you buy a new phone you get a stock ROM along with it which has been under-volted and unnecessary apps come installed with it. In order to speed up your phone, over-clocking is required, along with some extra functionality that could entertain you – Then you think of a custom ROM.

Earlier, custom ROMs used to be unreliable because they could brick your device while installation, but now the probability of failure has become less, as the android development is at its peak with extra care & hence competition all around. Many custom ROMs also provide an extended battery life and smoother interfaces.

So, the main reason to flash a custom ROM on your device is to keep your phone updated with the latest technology, while enjoying the cool features that come along. Apps2SD is another feature of a custom ROM, which provides a user with the ability to install applications onto the SD card if there isn’t any space left on your phone’s inbuilt storage!

Best Custom ROMs For HTC Explorer

CyanogenMod v.6.1 ROM

Many ROMs for HTC Explorer have been ported from HTC Supersonic EVO 4G, and this ROM is no exception. CyanogenMod v.6.1 obviously from CM, is based on the ICS OS. It is based on AOSP and extra contributions from people in XDA have also been incorporated by welcoming them. This ROM is fast with kind reviews, forcing one to flash it! So, why don’t you try?

Download Link

BackedSnack 1.7 ROM

This ROM is based on the very famous ‘Baked kernel’, which extends the battery life along with speed. BackedSnack 1.7 is a fast ROM by Hero_Over, one of the members at XDA, and has some great customizations done in order to improve applications. The following is there:
• 270 degree rotation
• HTC splash
• Customized wallpaper
• Faster startup/shutdown
• Stabilized Youtube & other Google apps, and more.

All in all, a nice ROM to try.

Download Link 

Fresh Evo3.5.0.1 ROM

flipzmode has developed this ROM, and he is at the XDA forum. This ROM is basically based on the new OTA from Sprint. Kernel#15 from HTC is used in this ROM which provides for apps2sd, remount, USB debugging, and better battery life. There are a lot of tweaks done in various areas, try for yourself, and let us know about the experience.

Download Link

Ava-Froyo Z4 ROM

The developer was quite excited when he released this ROM, and why wont he be? This ROM is a fully functional ROM which also extends the battery life of your phone. This is what is there:

• Theme which enhances aesthetics
• Custom icons
• Custom lock-screen
• GB animations
• Faster 3G
• Smoother video recording & play back, and more.
So, a nice feel of GB with speed is what you get.

Download Link

Calkulin’s EViO 2 v.1.8 ROM

Calkulin, a recognized developer at XDA has brought this ROM out for EVO, and it can also be used on HTC Explorer. This ROM includes:
• HTC Kernel
• Almost all HTC Apps
• ADW Launcher
• EStrong File Explorer
• HTC_IME mod
• Quickboot
• Wireless tether
• BusyBox, and more
The interface seems to be nice, and the ROM is a stable one. As the battery saver options have been included, it is worth the try!

Download Link

So these are some best Custom ROMs for your HTC Explorer Android device, do share your experience and which one works out cool for you.

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