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Top custom ROMs for LG Optimus Net

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Which is Best Custom ROM for Optimus Net?

best roms optimus net

In my last article I discussed about the need for custom ROMs and the reason for their existence. This article is actually intended to list and give a brief overview of the custom ROMs available for LG Optimus Net, and I thought it is worth mentioning some information regarding the advantages & disadvantages of using custom ROMs along with the actual topic.

Let us first look at the advantages that you get out of the custom ROMs. They provide with speed tweaks, which actually result in fast & efficient performance. If you have a tethering plan subscribed, then custom ROMs increase your tethering speeds enormously. Tethering is the process of connecting your phone to the laptop via a USB cable, and access the wireless network on your laptop for internet browsing & downloading. You can install a custom ROM and use a new OS much before its official release for your phone – another advantage. They improve battery life and give apps – which provide useful functionality/service – the root access. Over-clocking and Under-clocking can be done, which change the performance levels and battery life in opposite ways.

The disadvantages may be few but risk the phone’s life. First of all, the custom ROMs void warranty, which means you need to go back to the stock ROM in case you want to avail the warranty services. Those apps which are not right or are malicious may be given the root access, which is quite dangerous. The last but not the least is the frequent updates that you get (of custom ROMs), so you have to flash almost every day to make your phone work basic features one by one (which were buggy earlier).

Anyways, you want to root and flash I know that! Just have a look at the device specs and then go through the ROMs.

LG Optimus Net:

  • Android v.2.3.3 Gingerbread
  • 800MHz ARM 11 processor
  • Adreno 200 GPU
  • 3.15MP camera
  • 3.2” TFT capacitive touch-screen
  • 150MB Storage extendable to 32GB, 512MB ROM, 512MB RAM
  • Support data download speeds up to 3.6Mbps.

Yet another mid-featured phone, for budget conscious android lovers!

list of top Best custom ROMs for LG Optimus Net:

1. Music CM7.2 ROM:

This ROM is based on CM7.2, so it is reliable. It is actually by the Optimus Team and includes the following features:

  • Tablet like feeling (on the ONet? – Wow!)
  • Notification Bar has been modified to look great
  • Extended battery life
  • Music and Graphic quality has been improved
  • Its super fast as it is very light
  • Corners seem to be like Xperia

Overall a nice working ROM with positive feedbacks, and quick updates. Link

2. CM9 based ROM:

This ROM is based on the CyanogenMod 9, and brings with itself the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. It is not a use-daily ROM, but it has got everything working except Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, and FM Radio. These should be fixed in the time to come – as early as possible. You need to first register on this (Link) website & download the ROM to install it on your phone.

3. MIUI based ROM:

This ROM is based on the CM7.2, which implies is the CyanogenMod involved. It has been claimed as a stable ROM which is ready for daily use. The developer promises a whole new feel of the OS. The striking features of this ROM include an improved audio quality, and beautiful animations. The theme used is the original MIUI theme. Link

4. JellyShame ROM:

This is a ROM theme-ing the Jelly Bean and hence named JellyShame. This ROM is based on markolino and is very buttery. All the apps, features and hardware works fine except Wi-Fi Tethering, FM, Camera, Bluetooth and Youtube HQ. Basically, if you see, it is based on CM9. Link

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