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Top 5 custom ROMs for LG Optimus Black

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Which are the Best Custom ROMs for Optimus Black?

LG is one of the brands making smart-phones for you. It has got a variety of smart-phones in its selling bag, from low-end to high-end – All. Optimus series is one among the different mobile phone series that it produced, and this alone has about fourteen smart-phones in it! LG is a Korean Consumer Electronics & Home Appliance Manufacturer, which started its mobile device business in 1996. For now, we will be briefly reviewing the LG’s Optimus Black P970, and look over the custom ROMs available for it – In fact the best custom ROMs.

LG Optimus Black looks to be a simple yet decent looking phone with not much style involved in it. This phone is as thin as 9.2mm and weighs only 109g. When it was launched into the market, it had the Android v.2.3.4 Froyo running on itself. The 1GHz Cortex-A8 processor is commendable as its counterpart phones used to have 600-800MHz frequency processors only (at the time of its release). The 5MP & 2MP cameras in the rear & front respectively, are well supported by the 4.0” display. It has a meager 2GB internal storage (1GB left out for the user, after OS & apps installed) but can be upgraded to 32GB (via an SD card). 1GB RAM has been put into, for faster processing. All the connectivity options are supported (wired and wireless), except the support for 4G – which was not there in May, 2011.

Features-wise LG Optimus is a good phone with its cost also being only € 220. An upgrade from Froyo to a higher OS is really desired by its users. For that, I thought of writing out, the best & the latest ROMs available – which can be flashed as and when desired. It is a disappointment to inform you that it has ‘not’ yet got a Jelly Bean update – either officially or unofficially. This follows good news, it has got custom ROMs based on Ice Cream Sandwich! I wish Jelly rocks the phone in near future.

LG Optimus Black custom ROM

Top 5 Best custom ROMs for LG Optimus Black:

1. Zeus v.6.33 ROM:

Zeus v.6.33 ROM is based on Gingerbread (V20.O/V20.N). This ROM has been over-clocked to increase the speed over the stock OS. It is a clean ROM with great speed. Thanks to Heuxxx – senior member, at XDA forum – for successfully bringing up his ROM to LG Optimus Black. This version has got the new Diana kernel v.2.3. It has also an updated Zeus Tweaker Voltage menu, option to remove low battery sound, updated Titanium backup, and a working Quickpic. Try it.

XDA Link

2. Lemmings v.1.7.1 A ROM:

Lemmings v.1.7.1 is based on the Ice Cream Sandwich OS. It has got the live wallpaper support, ICS Clock, Working Calendar, updated apps, and more. This ROM is very fast, and you can acknowledge that when you install it. Swipe to remove notification has been tweaked, and it is working really well. As the name of the ROM suggests, Lemmings – Junior Member at XDA forum – has produced thisROM.A fast and stable ROM, which should be tried:

XDA Link

3. CICI v.2.0 ROM:

CICI ROM is claimed to be the best UI providingROM.It has been ported successfully to LG Optimus, and is based on CM7. It has got the Aroma installer coming with it. All the themes and apps have been updated and tweaks have been applied on battery & graphics. Those who love beauty can go for this ROM – because of the gorgeous user interface.

XDA Link

4. Pandroid ROM:

This ROM has been produced by KOILA33 – senior member, at XDA forum – and is based on the tasty Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4. The ROM is a CM9 FOP based. The kernel that comes along with it is ‘kernel .35’. It is a fast and stable ROM as well. The ROM has been compressed to 159MB; from its original size 172MB (FOP). The best thing about this is that, it is a nightly! – So, try it and you will never regret.

XDA Link

5. Unofficial CM9 Nightly ROM:

This is a CM9 based ROM which is unofficial, but is a nightly. The kernel has been updated to FOP v.1.2. The most fascinating thing about this ROM is that tweaks have been applied to the build.prop, which implies ‘extra functionality’. This ROM also enhances the sound of the phone. 2G/3G also works fine now, though it was buggy earlier.

XDA Link

Hope you Liked our List, Cheers!!

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