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Best Custom ROMs For Sony Xperia Play

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Sony Xperia is a series of smart-phones from Sony Ericsson. Sony Xperia phones have been very handsome-looking, and Xperia Play is one of them. Play had been designed primarily for the game-geeks. It basically has sliding option, which unveils the play station like buttons, suitable for playing many games. As this is a Sony product, you know how much clear & play-station-like it can be! The features of this phone comprise of a 1GHz Scorpion processor, supporting the Android OS v.2.3.4 (Gingerbread) quiet well. Its 4” capacitive touch screen, 5MP camera, and VGA secondary makes it a perfect Sony-smart-phone.

sony xperia play custom roms

Gaming was the primary aim of Sony, when it launched this phone, and it lived up to the expectations very well – As it was a hit among the public. Apart from gaming, a phone has to deliver more – smooth UI, new look, enhanced options, more customizations, etc – and that is why the phone has been updated with ROM. Yes, I am talking about the custom ROMs which make a phone behave unwontedly.

You cannot deny the fabulous experience of having an ICS ROM on Sony, and on Sony Xperia Play? You should not!

So here are,

Top Custom ROMs for Sony Xperia Play

Gin2JellyBean ROM:

Gin2JellyBean ROM is based on the latest Jelly Bean operating system. vokal1992, senior member @ XDA, has been successful in getting this out, even after Sony announcing that this phone will not get an ICS update. All the features of Jelly Bean do come with this ROM – Jelly Bean UI, Jelly Bean Wallpapers, Jelly Bean notifications, and lot more. Project butter, of Jelly Bean has already made it the most successful android OS. It is to be kept in mind that, this ROM is intended only for GSM Play users, and will not support CDMA Xperia Play.

CM9 based ROM:

This CM9 based ROM always brings you the ICS. When Sony neglected ICS – FXP, Recognized developer at XDA – brought out this reliable ROM to Play owners. The ROM has got nice reviews associated with it, apart from good performance and stability that it is giving. Everything has been fixed, leaving trivial issues, which will be seen working in the next final release. CyanogenMod based ROMs have been the most demanded ROMs, so, this is also worth the try!

IceCream Sandwich Leaked ROM:

This ROM has been built on the leaked files from ICX (Ice Cream Xperia ROM). The ROM has been pre-rooted with SuperUser and also BusyBoxed. It has been deodexed and includes ICS boot animation. Apps that have been included in this ROM are: Nova Launcher, OI FileManager, DSP Manager, CyanogenMod9 Music. This ROM is a bit buggy, but it has to be, says the developer cum releaser who doesn’t want any updates to be expected from him.


This is another CynogenMod based ROM, which is reliable as it has been under constant updation from a long time. Many bugs of this ROM have been resolved and FXP CM7 ROM is stable now. Apart from being stable it has a nice looking UI, which is a plus on Xperia Play. HDMI, FM, ANT+ are under repair, so they will soon be fixed. Thanks to FXP for this yet another stable CM based ROM.

Cola – Geared Towards Speed ROM:

Do you love speed? – No let me ask you more precisely! Do you love speed when things around are simple? Yes? Go for this ROM. This ROM has been designed to be fast, and easy to use kind-of. The download zip file of this ROM is only 54MB, so, you can guess what all has been removed. This ROM is based on 2.3.3 Stock ROM, and has the following into itself:

  • Numerical battery
  • Fast photo gallery
  • Script Manager (Many will say a Wow to this)
  • Hard to kill launcher
  • CWM recovery
  • Camera & video shutter sounds – removed
  • File Manager

And the list continues. This ROM is also for those who want to play games all the time, and the UI and other apps don’t matter to them.

So these are some Custom ROMs for your Sony Xperia Play Android Smartphone, do let us know which one you tried and how it worked out for you.

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  1. Thanks a lot for this review. Since, I want to move to a different OS your review comes pretty handy.


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