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Ultimate Super Sonic & Next2ICS ROMs for Galaxy Y – Jelly Bean themed

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Samsung Galaxy Y – One of the most beautiful and budget smart-phones by Samsung. Samsung Galaxy Y owners are as proud as iphone owners, do you know why? Probably because Galaxy Y will always outsell the iphone in India! Whoa! What on earth makes it outsell ‘The iphone’? – Its great smart-phone features which are actually priced respectfully low.

samsung galaxy y jelly bean ROM

I will tell you something about this awesome Samsung Galaxy Y. Let me ask you a question first, I give you a smart-phone with certain features and ask you to pay me either € 100 or € 190, what will you do? If you like the phone, you will pay me not more than €100 obviously! This is what the story of this phone is. There are phones which are priced higher (even double the price) than it, having almost same specifications as this gorgeous phone.

Anyways, let me let you that it runs the Android v.2.3.5 Gingerbread on itself and is powered by an ARMv6, 830MHz processor. It has got a 180MB internal memory(expandable up to 32GB) along with a 290MB RAM (usable). It is a 3” TFT capacitive touch-screen phone appealing to many with its pretty Touchwiz UI.

Unfortunately, this phone has not got its Jelly Bean update and may not actually get it forever, though only officially. The ICS update has also not come out for it which made its owners think too much. It’s not a matter of concern I say, because this world is getting modernized in each and every part of it’s, so will this phone get! – Yea, it’s got unofficial custom ROMs available to be flashed on it and experience more than desired. Now that Jelly Bean has come to the party for many phones, Galaxy Y has also got Jelly-themed ROMs for it if not Jelly Bean itself. Thanks to those developers working hard to make this phone even more successful.

I am listing two Jelly-themed ROMs for Galaxy Y, and here they are:

Ultimate Super Sonic ROM

samsung galaxy y jelly bean ROMs

This ROM has actually been changed from its original ROM in the areas of Zipaligning & De-odexing. It has been themed to look like a Jelly Bean ROM. Theme-ing includes the icons, wallpapers, and butter-like smoothness in the UI. It has found to be a stable ROM. The settings menu has also got enhanced now. Different customization options and tweaks make it a cool ROM to install and start knowing Jelly Bean.

Other features worth knowing:

  • Latest DXLE1 inside.
  • Nine lock screens ported from SGS.
  • Swipe to remove.
  • Custom Clear button.
  • Beats Audio

This ROM has been developed by evanlocked, a developer at XDA forum.

ROM Download Link


next2ics samsung galaxy y jelly bean rom

This ROM has been code named as ‘Jelly Blast’, and as it has been named it has lived up to the expectations. This ROM is based on Creed ROM, which is also famous for its stability and gorgeousness. The ROM features Jelly Bean theme, Jelly Bean wallpapers, Jelly Bean boot animation, Full-fledged Office suite, ICS/JB keyboard etc. As a stable ROM with great functional ability, it is the stand-out ROM.

Other features worth knowing:

  • Customizable soft buttons.
  • Themed Google Chrome Browser.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich/Jelly Bean messaging App.
  • More transparent status bar.

Its developed by AvijitGhosh82, a developer at XDA forum. This is the version two of Next2ICS ROM and version one had 2000 downloads within a month.

ROM Download Link

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