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Verizon Galaxy S3 hacked to Change CDMA Handset to GSM handset – A global phone

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People prefer buying a GSM phone over a CDMA. This is due to the fact that many countries support only GSM phones and while roaming, it becomes difficult to handle a CDMA in such countries. Verizon Galaxy S3 is one such CDMA phone that was difficult to be roamed around with until the XDA member lair12 has found a way to hack the phone to behave like GSM.

It is a method that lair12 followed including rooting and flashing the phone canceling the phones warranty to unlock the new way out. The XDA forum member believes that tis trick would work out on this phone to support any GSM sim in theEurope. The hack doesn’t seem that simple as switching from LTE to GSM and from GSM back to LTE shall require equal amount of work to do with the phone!

Galaxy s3 hack CDMA to GSM

If you are interested in converting your Verizon phone into a GSM supporter you might find the steps followed by lair12 interesting and thus providing you with the knowledge to do so. The XDA member clearly states it is his own experience but at the same time isn’t responsible of damage if after following his steps it (harm) happens to the phone, and neither do we.

Here I list the steps to transform your own Verizon Galaxy S 3 into GSM handset:

I – Things to be followed/done before he left US/you leaving your country:

  • Root the phone with stockROM.
  • Use spring.recovery.image for Clockworkmod recovery.
  • Load the APN Manager Application from Google Play.
  • Load the HiAPN Global Application from Google Play.
  • Load Ghost Commander Application from Google Play.
  • Load DropBox Application from Google Play.
  • Load PhoneInfo Application from Google Play.
  • Create a back-up of APN into the SD card using the HiAPN Application.
  • Edit “apnlist_backup.xml” found at SD card à HiDroid_Net à HiAPN using Ghost Commander Application and include your APN information.
  • Use HiAPN to restore APNs.
  • Use APN Manager to see the APN list and check if new APN is correct.
  • Use APN Manager and make sure that APN is still set toLTE-Verizon Internet or EHRPD-Verizon Internet.

II – Things to be done overseas to Convert LTE to GSM:

  • Switch-off the phone & take out the battery and now put the sim-card into the phone (Foreign country sim) .
  • Turn ON the phone.
  • Turn OFF the Wi-Fi.
  • Use PhoneInfo Application to change the preferred network type to “Global”. (Click on device information and scroll for first box)
  • Open HiAPN and press ‘Click to restore APNs’ and allow it to ‘clean original APN settings’. Select ‘Click to Autoset APNs’ or hit ‘Net’ one at a time to rotate to the right APN.
  • Go to airplane mode to reset the radio (Just switch in and go back).
  • Settings à More Settings àMobilenetwork à First instance of Network Mode should be ‘Global mode’ else go back to step 4.
  • Settings à More Settings à Mobile Network à Access Point Names should have correct APN settings else go back to step 5.
  • Settings à More Settings à Mobile network à Second instance of Network Mode should be ‘GSM/WCDMA’ else go back to step 6.
  • Reebot, and you should have GSM working on your phone!

These are the steps that are to be followed for switching from LTE to GSM. Further, if one wants to switch from GSM to LTE please follow the link:


Source: techtuple.com

Best of Luck!

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35 Comments to Verizon Galaxy S3 hacked to Change CDMA Handset to GSM handset – A global phone

  1. Hi Petur,
    I am looking for the same as you to convert my galaxy nexus cdma into GSM,
    That’s my email : ahmed1mabrouk@gmail.com
    Let’s exchange the contat even one of us find any solution for our common request we keep touch!!!! With big luck

  2. warren barreto

    Hi Sushen, Thanks for this article. Do you think its possible to convert a metro PCS Samsung Indulge (CDMA) using a UICC card for 4G LTE on Verizons network to GSM to get on T-mobiles network. I am not sure that the frequencies would be compatible?

  3. I am looking for a similar way of making a Samsung Galaxy S3 SCH-R530 (US Cellular) work on a GSM network. Do you have any ideas of how to do this? I bought this phone hoping to be able to use it on a GSM network and will be so sad if I can’t figure out a way to do it!

    Thanks so much for any information you can give me.

    • nawin kana

      dear friend i also have the same problem lets exchange thoughts and experience have found anything as yet

  4. Hello, i would also want to know if this hack will work with the Samsung google nexus s 4g. it has a sim slot so am guessing it would work too! your help will be greatly appreciated.. :)

  5. hey..i bought a cdma phone.. sgs3 from metro pcs.. hoping that i would be able to use in canada with wind mobile..thats where i live… was wondering if you have experimented with this version of the phone… or a detailed tutorial that i can use and follow.. i dont want this phone to go to waste i flashed it to a custom jb and i love it but its cdma so its kind of pointless if i cant use it.. please help me out i will donate if possible thanks.. email me tonyville11@gmail.com

  6. Dear all! i’ve got Samsung S3 CDMA usa.kindly let me know how to convert in to GSM network.i spend a lot of money for buying it. :( :( :(

  7. compre un samsung galaxy S3 a metropcs es un modelo SCH-530M es un cdma quiero llevarlo a GSM, soy de Venezuela y mi proveedor es digitel.

    si puede ayudar se lo agradecería.

    luis j

    • por favor necesitamos un enlace que nos diga paso a paso los detalle para convertir el cdma en gsm-
      mi email es tsuljupel@gmail.com entre todos busquemos la solución a este problema que tiene samsung


  8. I too have a Samsung Galaxy S3 SCH-R530 (US Cellular) that I would like to know how to get GSM radio working.

    TYPE: *#22745927
    CLICK: Hidden Menu Disable
    SELECT: enable
    PRESS: ok
    TYPE **87284
    SELECT: CDMA Modem
    CLICK: Qualcomm USB Setting

    That lets u connect cdma workshop to play with some stuff

    After your done finish up by restoring normal usb settings…
    TYPE **87284
    CLICK: Qualcomm USB Setting

  9. Hello i have a samsung galaxy s3 Sch-R530M and i would like to use it on gsm, can anyone please help me i’m lost in all of this

  10. nawin kana

    dear friends i have a samsung galaxy s3 4g lte simlocked on us cellular its a cdma phone i want to know if anyone knows how to get it unlocked and use on another network possibly outside us u can email me at nkk_6@hotmail.com any suggestion is welcome

  11. hi i have samsung galaxy s3 form us cellular can you please show me how to switch it to gsm thanks alot

    • I was in same boat as u and i was frustrated that it wasnt any where online. Finally i was reading thru a forum and found this humble vomment on how to do it. It is so easy! And simple it bothers me it wasnt easier to find! Hers how do it:

      Press *#22745927 to enable hidden menus. then install Netmonitor from the Play Store. Open Netmonitor > hit the menu button > Hit “Field Test”. Once in Test Mode you can go to UMTS > DEBUG SCREEN > PHONE CONTROL > NETWORK CONTROL > BAND SELECTION to set GSM Band preference.(it shud now work but if not) then starting at the very beginning over test mode again… CDMA > COMMON > NEXT PAGE > NEXT PAGE > PREF MODE SET to select GSM/WCDMA ONLY.unlock done by this solution

      • thanks all of u,
        my phone carrier’s system is CDMA(not gsm)
        i can make & receive calls and go into net through wireless networks>>
        BUT, still unable to activate SIM net,
        i suffered from the bad network signal
        and can not receive the international calls(that starts w 00)
        SO, plz if u help me to solve these problems and apply the regional settings on my phone and sim..
        thanks a lot.

        • Hello,
          I fallowed the process succesfully with my USC Galaxy S3. How do I know that my cell is now unlocked? Thank you

  12. Are there any samsung s2 smart phones that can be switched from gsm to cdma,and then back as I move from one country to another? Thanks

  13. Could someone reveal a link to that “Phone Info” app on Google Play? I have tried 4 different apps now with that name and none had any option to edit stuff….

  14. thank u 4 all these information,
    i need help and i wish to find it here
    how can can i change my samsung Sch-R530 (us-cellular)to other cdma carrier and activating net in my local sim?
    plz anyone can help me >>>
    my email adresse is dr.majed301@gmail.com

  15. Hi has anyone heard anything about doing this with a us celluar phone? Is it even possible to use straight talk after rooting and downloading the apps to change the apn? If anyone knows how or figured anything out please email me at josh101417@gmail.com

  16. Leonard Antunez

    I got a Sprint HTC Evo 3D, is there a way to convert it to GSM as well? Any clue? Thanks

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