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Top custom ROMs for T-mobile Samsung S II

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Samsung S II T mobile has ICS ROMs built for it available. There are numerous ROMs available which can give the experience of a pure Android (with a higher version). There are numerous ROMs built for it, to mention a few, Juggernaut v5, Paradox II, Blue Ray 2.3.6, Slickmod 3.6 RC1, Black Edition RC10, JoyOS port, Darkside Digital Warfare v2.7, ROMChicagoRemix (4.0.4), MIUI.us (4.0.4), ONE5MOD  2.0 (AOSP) (4.0.4), Bullet ROM R7 (LE2), DARKSIDE UCLE2 BETA07.1 (4.0.4), Nightly Build 6 (4.0.4), DARKSIDE EVOLUTION 3 (LE1), Infomous T989 2.2 (LE1),Serendipity 9 and more.

With some bugs and certain features not working, CM10 Jelly Bean ROM has also come in for it to be downloaded and installed. It is there, to experience the T-mobile customers the Android 4.1’s awesome features. Let’s now look at the ROMs and their features:

t mobile galaxy s2 custom roms

 Which Are Best ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S2 Phone ?

  1. CM9 Nightly Build:

CM9 Nightly build is based on the CyanogenMod (CM9) Ice Cream Sandwich with amazing performance and customization options. We should know that these nightlies get frequent updates & at the same time contain bugs that are being fixed day & night by the developers. Wi-Fi, Data, Audio, Calls, NFC, Videos, Camera, Camcorder – all these work well with no bugs. Low call volume at the other end, Effects of Camcorder not working, locking of touchscreen is also seen. Overall, the experience should be nice.


This is a UVLE1 4.0.3 based ROM having 3.0.8 DARKSIDE.VENOM 03 Kernel with modified RAM disk. It is rooted, deodexed, zipaligned. Features include: 5x4x5 TouchWiz Modifier Launcher, Customizable 15 toggle quick panel, Updated Framework, Updated Statusbar, MMS Enhancements, No Echo etc. Data, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB Tether, MMS all working properly.

  1. Serendipity ICS:

This ROM is based on I9100XWLP7 which includes drowning childs’ CherryPicker Kernel. It is deodexed, rooted, busyboxed and debloated. This also has Google Music + Voice and an extended power menu. This is a fastROM.Allmost everything has been fixed in this and it gives an amazing performance.

  1. MIUI.us (4.0.4) ROM:

MIUI ROMs are reliable ROMs and they have the feel of iOS interface. Lately, these ROMs are getting their own look & feel of the interfaces and are one of the most preferred and most downloaded after CyanogenMod! It gives you the ice cream sandwich Android 4.0.4s advantage of smooth and fast running, and also stable running of the device. The Mounting of USB Mass Storage,  Backlight on soft keys,  Autobrightness, Colors inverted on camera preview do not work for now.

  1. AOKP ROM:

This is an AOKP, CyanogenMod based ROM which has siyah kernel 4.0. This is also one of the bes ROMs available because it has got many things fixed and runs smoothly! It has updated CM10 kernel, improved GPU performance, improved sounds, SD Storage issues being fixed, fixed youtube and updated camera. Other existed features also have been updated to the latest.

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