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Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Y [Top 5]

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Samsung’s Galaxy Y is a cheap Android phone that incorporated Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread upon the 830MHz ARMv6 processor. It has not got a Jelly Bean released for it, but there are other custom ROMs that have been designed for it. One wouldn’t have thought about having custom ROMs for a phone with a modest capability. This phone has got a million users because it’s economical and many should be waiting to install new ROMs to get better performance. Its obviously understood that anyone would like to get the feel of an ice cream sandwich or equivalent on the Gingerbread compatible phone without having to invest.

Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Y [Top 5]

  1. Meego ROM:

    meego rom galaxy y

Meego ROM has the Meego styling of Nokia N9 (Meego OS). The interface is very smooth and always running sort of. It also gives a great performance with the galaxy. It is deodexed and zip aligned. Features include: Customized Meego icons, bootscreen, User Interface, Status bar, Notification bar, New Play store, Revamped User Interface, Optimized power option for nice backup facility, and finally an optimizedROM.

  1. CyanogenMod 7 ROM:

CyanogenMod 7 ROM has only been released for the developers to see how it is working. CM7 ROM adds the following features to itself: CM7 Apps, Nexus S boot animation, CM7 Live Wallpaper, Gapps 2.3.7, ADW Launcher, Ex dialer with theme, Stick it Player, New status bar with transparency and a lot more. It is one of the most reliable and used off ROMs for other Androids.

  1. Creed’s ROM:

    creed rom galaxy y-best rom

Creed’s ROM is a ROM that can give the look and feel of Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich. It has been developed by pratyush.creed. The features include: Adb/Hard Root- Access to Android commander, Soft Root-SU, Pre Deodexed, ZipAligned, Maps withWorld Wide Navigation, Bloatware removed, BusyBoxed, Message App has been enhanced, TouchWiz App updated, Auto brightness option in display and the most important of all 14 Status bar toggles. There is an issue with the keyboard but it can be overcome using third party Keyboard.

  1. WeUI ROM:

WeUI ROM is another ROM that comes with a lot of features. It has been developed by AmalDas at XDA. It has a good theme (MIUI) and the features include New status bar, QQLauncher, new filebrowser, new task manager, new dialer, new messenger, new desk clock all like MIUI. This ROM could be installed by those who love to have a new look and fell of things.

  1. Next2  ICS ROM v2.0:

The most important thing about this ROM is that it resembles the Jelly Bean. It provides you with the most appealing request and desire that the android world is doing now. Features include: Jelly bean wallpaper, ICS themed file explorer, Themed Chrome Browser (Fast! Wow!), New ICS/JB messaging App, New ICS/JB keyboard, JB bootanimation, More transparent status bar. It also includes full fledged office suite! And lastly JB lock screen. This is worth a try ROM as it has all its bugs fixed in v1.0 and almost all in v2.0.

Above list is the answer of your question: Which are the best Galaxy Y ROMs ?

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