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Top 5 Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note n7000

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Samsung Galaxy n7000 users have a great deal of space on their smart-phone while using it, and largely this has only been the major advantage they have enjoyed (not knowing the space could have been used to accommodate more) before the custom ROMs where released. As numerous custom ROMs have been released for the Galaxy Note n7000 users, the phone can be tablified! — Thanks to XDA for the ROM development that they have undertaken.

I am listing:

Top five custom ROMs that have been released for Galaxy Note n7000:

galaxy note n7000 best roms

  • ParanoidAndroid ROM:

ParanoidAndroid has been developed by the XDA developers Paranoid and imilka. It is the most recent one that has been released. The ROM has the unique feature of incorporating the tablet features into the phone. It is considered as a Hybrid ROM boast rather than Hybrid ROM mode which can give the feel of a tablet in the phone aesthetics. The developers have also said it is just not an extension/update but a major project that they carried out to change the entire user experience. It gives the users the best advantage to scale each and every App, Widget etc which result in complete transformation giving a new feel of things. And now you are doing the mode change absolutely independent of system DPI! This means no reboot required, build.prop tablet mode problem also solved.

  • Alba Syndicate ICS ROM:

Alba Syndicate is another ROM that is in the news and it arrives with an Aroma installer. This is the ROM that should be tried out as is gives many features including the TouchWiz UX from Galaxy S3, and S-voice which operates perfectly! Dark Blue theme has also been added and fixed into. Other bug fixes also make it one of the best to go for.

  • AniDroid ICS ROM:

AniDroid ROM has been built upon  CyanogenMod (CM9) and uses the Linaro Kernel having its own advantages. It is a word that has come from XDA that this ROM shall have different security functionality by including a GRSecurity Kernel. The important features are: It uses a Linux Kernel based on latest Linaro, SLQB Memory allocator rather than SLUB, CPU overclocking upto 1.6 GHz etc. As GPU Max frequency has been changed to 250MHz it saves battery.

  • KingDroid ROM:

Having released so many ROMs for different phones likeS III, HTC One X the Kingnote has finally developed a ROM for Samsung Galaxy n7000. It is based on SpeedMod ROM andS IIIuser interface. It comes with increased rate of the system and also its fluidity. Increased Smoothness scroll is also updated. This ROM could be installed and well suited for you if you do not use your phone for gaming or professional work.

  • CM10 Jelly Bean ROM:

The wait for the Jelly Bean ROM for note is over. It works pretty fine and having said that I would like to add that its Bluetooth is a big boon as it has been enhanced to work for hours. The GPS update of this ROM will not work simultaneously with Google Location services, so better switch that off. It is a ROM that gives nice performance for 3G, 4G on Wi-Fi.

To install custom ROMs on AT&T Samung Galaxy N7000, Go through Androidrays.com

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