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Galaxy Note 2 release date, Price, Rumors and Leaked pictures and Videos

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With all the great reviews and immense popularity of Galaxy devices, Samsung is all set to launch Galaxy Note 2 in the next month. This release is supposed to be scheduled on August 15th of this year. This is supposed to come with great improvements over the previous version of Galaxy note. Samsung hasn’t given any news or information on this new product but we do have a little idea on the same.

It is obvious that this new release will have great demand from the consumer side as the Galaxy Note 2 will be a lot better than the previous version in many areas. According to the rumors, the Galaxy Note 2 will be taller and thinner than the Galaxy Note. It is supposed to have an enlarged 5.5 inch screen which is 0.2 inches more than the screen of original Galaxy Note.

Now let us take a look at different aspects of the Galaxy Note 2, which were founded on various rumors.

Galaxy Note 2 Release Date

There has been no specific date for the release of much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 2, but it is expected to be released in August of this year. Galaxy Note 2 was rumored to be launched in Berlin, Germany at the world trade show IFA 2012 on August 30th or 31st. Since, Samsung already used this platform previously to launch Galaxy Note, it was easy to believe this would again be the case.

But interestingly, last week Samsung announced that a new galaxy device will be revealed on August 15th. We all thought that ‘new galaxy device’ to be Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q. But a new rumor suggests that this device might as well be Galaxy Note 2.

It was also speculated that Samsung will release this device as a competition to Apple’s iPhone 5, which will be launched around the same time and that this release is bound to happen in October 2012.

Galaxy Note 2  Features and Specifications

The rumors are high on Galaxy Note 2’s specifications. It is rumored to have a quad-core Exynos processor at a clock speed of 1.4-1.6 GHz and to have an accessory like an S-pen, having a slot especially for the S-pen. The processor is Exynos 5250 ARM. The camera is supposed to be a high end one with the resolution of 12-14 MP. Its 5.5 inch Super AMOLED display is already a very attractive spec and a lot of other features are doing well in increasing the demand for this product. Some rumors state that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 display screen is as large as 5.65 inches.

The Galaxy Note 2 will be released with the latest Android OS version – 4.1 Jellybean. This version of Android is already a huge success with its great features like smoother interfaces, enhanced capabilities, better and smarter keyboard, improved and efficient notifications area and advance voice recognition and search functionality. But this version is still in its development stage and when the Galaxy Note 2 gets launched, it will be almost developed.

The rumored specs of Galaxy Note 2 are given below.

  • 5.5-inch Super AMOELD touchscreen with a 1680 × 1050
  • 4G LTE, EDGE, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, NFC
  • GPS possibly with GLNONASS and a-GPS support
  • Bluetooth possible v4.0 with USB and hopefully USB-on-the-go
  • 12/13 megapixel AF/Touchfocus camera with full HD video recording and playback
  • A front facing camera for video calls and chats
  • Possibly a 64GB edition, along with 16GB and 32GB versions all with expandable support
  • MHL for AV out
  • 1.5 GB of RAM
  • 1.6 GHz of Exynos Processor.

Galaxy Note 2 Price in India, US, Germany, Korea, China, France, Africa and UK

It is obvious that the Galaxy Note 2, with all the above specs, is not cheap at all. The price is not yet available for this Phablet, but there are many ideas about the price. According to some websites, the price of Galaxy Note 2 is around Rs.35000 (600 £ or 930 $). This is almost equal to the price of Samsung Galaxy S3.

Galaxy Note 2 Price in US: 930 $
Galaxy Note 2 Price in India: 35K
Galaxy Note 2 Price in UK: 930 $
Galaxy Note 2 Price in Germany:
Galaxy Note 2 Price in Korea: Not known
Galaxy Note 2 Price in Europe: 600 £
Galaxy Note 2 Price in Asia: Not known
Galaxy Note 2 Price in Australia: Not known

(Price is not confirmed but estimate)

Galaxy Note 2 Leaked Pictures, Videos, Advertisements

There is no doubt to the fact that Galaxy Note 2 will be a sensation when it will be released. However, it is already a sensation in the internet and there are a lot of pictures, videos and Advertisements that enhance the product. Here we are showing you some pictures and videos.

galaxy note 2 leaked pics wallpapers

new galaxy note 2 phone photos leaked

Leaked Videos

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