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How to Install Android 4.1 Jellybean for HTC myTouch 4G

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Android Jellybean has been a sensation since its release and every android device owner would want a touch of its new intuitive features. Currently, HTC myTouch 4G has got the Jellybean package from Cyanogen and it came out just a day after the first Jellybean ROM for Android came out. This is not an official release but it will give some idea into the new features of Jellybean.

htc mytouch 4g

myTouch 4G users also can experience the great features of the Jellybean like smoother interfaces, enhanced capabilities, better and smarter keyboard, improved and efficient notifications area and advance voice recognition and search functionality with the help of the CyanogenMod 10 package for Android Jellybean.

This package is still in development phase and thus will not support full functionality of the device. We will always find bugs and apps that don’t work. Some features here show their compatibility with the package.

Features that works

  • Camera works with some problems which are: 1. 5MP leaves a green line on the side. 2. FFC doesn’t work. 3. Video camera doesn’t work at all.
  • All the basic stuff like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc. work just fine

Features that don’t work

  • LED doesn’t work
  • Backlight will not work with auto-brightness option being set.
  • Some basic apps will not work in this package too

But before you begin with the installation, it is important to backup all the data on the phone. This is because you can lose all the data during the process of installation. To backup the data please follow the instructions below.

  • SMS – back up SMSes using “SMS Backup & Restore app”
  • Contacts – backup contacts using the Gmail App
  • Images, Songs, Videos, Files – store on an internal or external SD card
  • APN and MMS settings – save the APN and MMS settings from the path “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names”

Once you are done with the backup process you can then proceed to the installation of CyanogenMod 10 package on to your device. But before you begin installation you must ensure that the USB debugging option is enable on your device and that your device has a good recovery mode.

Steps to install CM 10 on HTC myTouch 4G

  • Download the latest CM 10 package from here.
  • Download the Google Apps package which contains the basic apps from here.
  • Copy these two files from your computer to the SD card of your device.
  • Switch off the phone and boot into the recovery mode. You can do this by holding Volume Up button with Power button and then selecting the recovery mode in the boot menu.
  • To navigate in this mode you can use Volume up/down buttons and power button to select.
  • Select ‘Wipe data/ Factory reset’ to wipe all data.
  • After the wipe is done, select ‘mounts and storage’ and then ‘format system’.
  • After this also is complete go to the main recovery menu and select ‘install from SD card’ and then select ‘choose from SD card’ to select the CM 10 package.
  • After this is installed, install Google Apps package in a similar way.
  • Now select the ‘reboot’ option from main recovery menu and then select ‘reboot system now’.

Then the new package is installed on your device. This way the Android Jellybean is installed on HTC myTouch 4g phone.

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