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Which Smart Phones will get Jelly Bean update ? | Complete List

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List of Phones which are getting Android 4.0.1 Jelly Bean Update

Somedays back google has introduced the new Android OS called Jellybean in San Francisco which is dubbed as Android 4.1.Android users have shown keen interest in it everybody wanted to know which Android Phones will be upgradeable to Jelly Bean ? and How can we upgrade our phone to Jelly Bean ? People are showing their interest not because it is a new Firmware of android but because of Android 4.1 wide and best features like Faster, Smoother, More responsive, Better Battery life, Google now (Better Google Voice search which has a off line functionality too), Smart apps updates, Resizable widgets, Good Camera features and many more..

List of Phones Upgradeable to Jelly Bean

Some phones like HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus has already got a Jelly Bean update (Although Not all of three got official updates) which we have covered up already on androidrays.com Install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean On Samsung Galaxy S3 and How to Update Galaxy Nexus with Android Jellybean 4.1, In this whole article we will list all the smart phones and Tablets which will be getting Jelly Bean Update and also all those phones which we think can be upgradeable to Android 4.1

HTC Mobile Phones which will get Jelly Bean Update:

All the HTC One series phone will definitely getting the Jelly Bean update soon and unlike ICS update this time the process will be fast.Although HTC has not confirmed it yet but we are pretty sure that One series phones of HTC will get Android 4.1 shortly.We have listed down some HTC phones which will be getting JellyBean update shortly.
Presently HTC One S runs on ICS Android 4.0 but One S satisfy all the hardware and software requirements which are necessary to get Jelly Bean firmware update.So you just have to wait for some time to enjoy Jelly Bean features on your One S.Although T mobile and HTC has not confirmed it yet.
HTC One X has been seen as a Galaxy S3, it is a most selling phone is One series and seen as a competitor of Samsung Galaxy S3 because of its wonderful features and price tag, as we have said above that One series Android phones will definitely get Jellybean update therefore One X users can expect it on their devices shortly.One X also fullfill all the minimum conditions and requirements for getting Jelly Bean.Although HTC and AT&T has not confirmed it yet.
HTC Rezound
Rezound still did not get Ice Cream Sandwich yet but because of its hardware capabilities we are expecting that it is capaable of handling Jelly bean.Only time will tell but this is what we feel.
HTC Sensation 4G
ICS update for HTC Sensation 4G has been rolled out and based on its software and hardware capabilities we are pretty sure that device will get jellybean update after some time but not soon.

HTC Amaze 4G

Recent ICS update on HTC Amaze did not cause any problem in it and all the features worked well on it, keeping this in mind we can say that it can also be upgradable to Jelly Bean OS.HTC Amaze is a wonderful android phone and it also fullfill all the requirement that are necessary for Android 4.0, HTC has not confirmed anything regarding this but it will take some time.We are not expecting any update from T mobile HTC Amaze 4G.

HTC Droid Incredible 2
Chances of getting official Jelly Bean update on HTC Droid Incredible are very less as it still did not get ICS update on it neither from HTC nor from Verizon but keeping in mind its hardware and s/w capabilities, it is expected that it can get Un-Official Jelly Bean update from outside.
Except Sprint version of HTC EVO 3D others EVO users has recently got Ice cream sandwich update on their devices.It is early to say about anything related to jellybean update for EVO 3D as other HTC LTE phones range are in queue but we can expect un official update for sure.
It runs on ICS very smoothly and it will run on 4G LTE network by Sprint’s.EVO 4G LTE has almost 100% chances of getting jellybean update because this phone simply outstanding in each and every aspects.It can smoothly run Jelly Bean with no issue at all.

Samsung Mobile Phones which will get Jelly Bean Update:

Samsung Galaxy Nexus
The Galaxy Nexus users will be the luckier one because Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be the first android device to receive Jelly Bean update on it in july, 2012 as confirmed by Google Inc. few days back, along with this Sprint and Verizon versions of samsung galaxy nexus will also get Jelly Bean update shortly.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung latest Android Phone Galaxy S3 is a wonderful phone which will definitely get the Jelly Bean update on all U.S carriers including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon and on rest of the carriers in world.ICS is already running very smoothly on it including many good features like voice feature which has been compared with iPhone Siri.

Samsung Nexus S (Nexus S 4G)
The Nexus S will without a doubt receive the Android 4.1 update, both Google and Samsung have stated that it is moving in mid-this summer but there is no update from carriers like Sprint.
Samsung Galaxy Note
AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy Note, its 5.3-inch phablet, continues to be without Android 4.0,Still, it is a popular and good device and AT&T may wish to please its clients. It may also help the Universe Note has some efficient hardware. At this time, there’s pointless to consider this phone won’t get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Motorola and Sony Ericsson phones getting Jelly Bean Update:

Sony Xperia Ion
Official Jelly Bean update on Sony Xperia Ion will be like a dream for all of us but we can expect un official update for sure.
Motorola Droid RAZR
After it gets the ICS in Q3 we can expect Jelly Bean on it.

Motorola Atrix 2

It is newer than the original Atrix therefore chances of getting Jelly Bean are more on it.But first Atrix 2 users have to wait for ICS as it still did not receive the ICS update on it.

Motorola Atrix 4G
Ice Cream Sandwich rolling out to the Motorola Atrix 4G in Q3 but expecting Jelly Bean on it will not be a good guess keeping in mind its age, so motorola and AT&T will definitely not going to roll out jelly bean on it but users can expect un official jelly bean update on Motorola Atrix 4G.
We will update this list with more phones and Jelly Bean Status as soon as we get the information.
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18 Comments to Which Smart Phones will get Jelly Bean update ? | Complete List

  1. Can we get jelly bean updates for motorola defys and droids??(of-course not official one). I am having defy+ i wanted to get jelly bean update for this mobile. please do reply me. Thank you in advance.

    • No Prudvi don’t expect Jelly Bean update for Defy+ (Official or Un-Official both) as keeping in mind its hardware configuration, its almost impossible.

  2. Scott Razr

    I like the word “Phablet” referring to the Samsung Note’s phone-tablet style. Yours?

  3. I was wondering if the htc amaze will get the jellybean update or not and also if the Samsung galaxy s2 will get it or not please reply thanks.

  4. is that is a personal opinion or all devices u have listed above is getting jb ??

    and i am wondering why Samsung Galaxy s2 is not getting jb update if you locked at Samsung Galaxy specifications its the same as Samsung Galaxy s2??
    i really need your answer cause i was planing to buy Samsung galaxy s2
    now i am planning to buy Samsung Galaxy Nexus and stick with 16gb the rest of my life :-)
    thank u,

  5. End of Jan. 2013, no JB in sight. ICS came in June 2012. Got wo tabs running JB: Xoom wifi – Since June 2012, Samsung Galaxy tab 2 7″ wifi – Since Jan 2013. Orig.. Droid Razr is now a discontinued Verizon device, JB coming? Still hoping, but not looking wonderful.

  6. are u sure that amaze 4g will get jb update. and htc ruby and htc amaze 4g are same or not??

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