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You Won’t Be Able To Buy These Mobile Phones From Verizon Now

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Phones life is much similar like ours only. One day, old ones have to go, so that other new ones can replace them. That same thing is happening here as Verizon announces end of life on several devices. So, Verizon is officially discontinuing few devices, few notable Android smartphones.

If you look at this sheet below, you’ll find that HTC Rezound is dead and gone, and is not available AT ALL. While there’re other devices which you can buy from Verizon, but that too, till the stocks last. By any chance, you do want to buy one or two from this list, I’d recommend you to rush to it now, or start looking for an alternative.


These’re some smartphones Verizon has put an END OF LIFE notice to

So these are few Verizon smartphones bidding their last goodbye.


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