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Disable Unused Android Apps And Bloatware From Your Android Phone

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There’re certain unused Android apps and bloat ware which are pre-installed on your Android phone, either by manufacturer or the carrier you use. They’re nothing but resource hogging Android apps, which you’d never use in your lifetime, it’s always better to disable or if possible, uninstall them. Android 4.0 has a feature which allows users to disable unused Android apps and bloat ware, from they want to get rid of. Just a matter of few taps and you’re done, saving some extra space on your Android phone.

How To Disable Unused Android Apps and Bloat ware From Android Phones

disable unused android apps and bloatware from android phone

  • In Settings, move over to Apps.
  • List all the Android apps installed on phone by tapping the All option.
  • Now from the list of Android apps, select the Android apps you wish to disable.
  • Let me categorize the Android apps in three different categories as per importance to the Android working system. There’re Android apps, you can’t even disable, they’re essential part of the Android working system. Then, there’re Android apps, you could disable but can’t uninstall, Android apps by device manufacturer or by carriers come under this category. There’re apps you could uninstall as you wish, these Android apps are not system apps, may be third party Android apps or so.
  • So choose whatever Android app you’d like to disable(just make sure they aren’t system apps). And, tap Disable to prevent the Android app from using the system resource.
  • Confirm the pop up box, if any. Or may ask for a reboot too.

To enable the Android app again, simply tap enable by going through the same process, aforementioned.

Do share if it works out for you. Or any other work around you follow to deal with bloat ware and unused Android apps on your smartphone.


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